Pico Leaflet: using the address meta attribute

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Instead of using coordinates, you can use addresses to geolocate your blog posts.

First, you have to enable the geocoding function inside your config.php :

$config['leaflet']['geocoding'] = true;

The geocoding functionnality is based on the service provided by the OpenStreetMaps community : www.openstreetmap.org.

Then, in your .md content files you can use the meta "Address":

  • I advise to check the address on the OpenStreetMap website : if it isn't found or the first result, it won't appear or appear with wrong coordinates on your website.
  • You can specify multiple addresses using the pipe : | as separator, just like in the example below :
Title: Pico Leaflet : second example
Description: Ajouter une carte à des pages articles dans Pico CMS
Author: Brice Boucard
Date: 2014/08/15
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Template: index
Address: 10 rue Gabriel Péri Paris|20 boulevard de la Liberté, Lille

Display the map

Just like before, to display the map, you just have to edit your active theme index.html and add this to your blog posts section :

{{ map_article }}

Access the meta.address

You can now access the current page meta.address ; in your themeindex.hmtl :

{% if meta.address %}

Adresses :

    {% for address in meta.address %}
  • {{ address }}
  • {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Adresses :

  • 10 rue Gabriel Péri Paris
  • 20 boulevard de la Liberté, Lille