Pico Leaflet: adding a thumbnail to Leaflet popups

le 28/08/2014 dans Pico CMS #dev#Pico CMS#Leaflet#php#plugin#javascript

You simply have to use the Thumbnail meta, using the relative path to your imgage as value. For example I wan't to use the image http://momh.fr/IMG/logos/conkylogo.png, I'll use IMG/logos/conkylogo.png as the path: /* Title: Pico Leaflet : fourth example Description: Ajouter une carte à des pages articles dans Pico CMS Author: Brice Boucard Date: 2014/08/28 License: Creative

Pico Leaflet: mixing coordinates and addresses

le 17/08/2014 dans Pico CMS #dev#Pico CMS#Leaflet#php#plugin#javascript

Of course you can mix coordinates and addresses : /* Title: Pico Leaflet : third example Description: Personnaliser l'accueil de son terminal avec les programmes cowsay et fortune. Author: Brice Boucard Date: 2014/08/15 License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Template: index Coordinates: 45.196135,4.836044|45.420207,4.288101 Address: rue François Perrin Limoges|28 boulevard des frères de Goncourt Nantes */